Watch: What Happened When the First Temple was Destroyed?

by Leah Rosenberg

When the First Temple was destroyed, all felt hopeless. But as we know from history, the Jewish people survived and continue to thrive.

The First Temple and its Destruction

When the First Temple was destroyed, it was one of the darkest times in history. The Jewish people suffered tremendously. It seemed like the pain would never end.

But as we know, the pain did end. And although there would be and continues to be suffering throughout the history of the Jewish people, G-d has always protected His people. He has forgiven their sins, fought their battles, and held their hand in the darkest of times.

This video brings an important piece of history to life. We must remember all parts of history – even the painful ones. Jews know the importance of memory. Aside from daily Jewish prayers talking about Jerusalem, the Jewish people specifically remember the destruction of both Temples on the 9th of the Hebrew month of Av. The pain was real and still is. Jews mourn what was destroyed. We mourn the loss of what we don’t have today and the greater connection with G-d that we cannot have until His Temple is rebuilt.

What is fascinating is that the destruction of Jerusalem has been uncovered in modern times. The ashes are still there. The truth is available for all to see. How can anyone deny the connection between Israel and the Jewish people?

Keep learning history. It is crucial to knowing the the facts and being able to fight for the truth.

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