Watch This Hilarious Video To Try And Understand Biden Supporters

by Phil Schneider

JP’s t-shirt says “Legalize Freedom.” What a great way of putting it. Our freedoms are what is under attack today in the West. The Roe V. Wade argument is actually just one example of the anti-freedom attack of the left. But it is not the main issue. The main issue is that the governmental policies in the Biden administration have curbed so many of the freedoms that we know of that people think it is normal to pay double the amount for the same tank of gas, have empty shelves in the supermarkets, and not be able to choose what kind of education their children receive.

JP’s choice of satire to prove the miserable record of this government is right on the money. What is lacking here is not just a President who is not suffering cognitively. What is needed is a sane policy that does not blame Russia for everything that is wrong with American’s economy, stock market, and empty supermarket shelves.

It is perfectly reasonable to oppose former President Donald Trump, but to realize that what is going on now in America is economic insanity. Instead of a simple solution to become less energy dependent, America has prioritized politically correct climate control policies that have cost the average American taxpayer hundreds of dollars every month in gas.

But it is so much more than that. Russia becomes a paper tiger overnight once America and the rest of the Western world become less dependent on it’s massive oil and gas reserves. This can happen in a matter of years, not decades. China would probably continue to prop up Russia, but Russian threats would be less serious as times went along as it’s ailing economy would quickly become more and more dependent on the West.

Today, the bear hug that the Russians have on much of Europe’s economy is the root cause that economic threats are not really hurting Russia. Germany and other European countries cannot fully apply biting sanctions on Russia. America’s dependence on Russian oil also means that the most powerful sanctions are not being used. So, what ends up happening is that innocent people in Ukraine pay the price and Americans and Europeans pay the gas bill.

It doesn’t need to be like this. A major sweep in the November mid-term elections is critical to get the country and the world back on a better path.

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