Netanyahu Is The Favorite To Win The Elections

by Micha Gefen

As Israel’s parliament falls apart and prepares for new elections, there is only one person that is the favorite to be Prime Minister.

Bibi Netanyahu had the premiership stolen from him and in a few months will be poised to take the reigns of power in Israel once again.

With PM Naftali Bennett preparing to drop out of politics, the stage is set for a Netanyahu comeback. Given the frustration may people have with the current government, there are many supporters looking to put Bibi Netanyahu back in office.

The current government fell because it relied on terror supporters as coalition members.

“This majority coalition actually started as a lame duck,” said Simcha Rothman of the otzma Yehudit. “The magic number in Israel is 61, because we have a parliament of 120 members, and even in the vote to begin the coalition they had the support of 60 Knesset Members, not 61.”

With the bill still in committee, there is hope that elections can be avoided by putting Likud back in power.

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