Watch this College Student Take Down CNN in Less Than One Minute

by Phil Schneider

CNN has dominated so much of cable news for so long. But over the last 5+ years, CNN has justifiably lost it’s reputation as an honest reporter of the news. But the biggest turning point came in the early years of the Trump presidency when Donald Trump, in broad daylight, in front of all of the cameras, singled out CNN and labeled them as fake news.

Is CNN so much worse than the other networks? The answer is a resounding yes. CNN, more than any other network, made a clear-cut decision to make a deep dive into steep partisanship. This was going on way before Donald Trump was elected President. But once Donald Trump was elected, there was not a single positive thing about Donald Trump on CNN, and everything Hillary did was praised. This was so transparent that even CNN barely tried to hide it.

In the future, the networks that will succeed in grabbing market share from CNN and Fox will be the networks that are less partisan and more trusted. Fox News was created as a response to CNN, and was a sorely needed alternative that has succeeded. But more and more people are demanding a network that will be neither right-wing or left-wing, with a variety of respectable perspectives that enlighten and don’t merely trumpet one side over another. The masses are waiting for a network that is focused on searching out the truth behind every situation.

Some believe that this is already happening with the advent of so many minor networks via the internet. But most of these minor networks are more partisan and niche oriented. When a network builds up the reputation for honesty and truth over partisanship, it will rise over so many other networks and become a beacon of truth for all to emulate.

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