Watch the Spelling Bee Judges Stumble Over the Definition Of a Woman

by Phil Schneider

The Babylon Bee has chosen an effective tool to poke fun and ridicule the latest norms in popular culture – satire. It is not just women’s sports and public bathrooms that are in the midst of being destroyed by newly created social norms. There are many things that are being ruined, even spelling bees.

Pointing out the absurdity of everything going on is an effective tool. Actually, it may be the only effective tool left. So few people seem to have an open mind to the norms that exist in the world today that pointing out the ridiculousness of everything is the best method of combating the new norms.

Very few people are truly open to having an open-minded discussion on matters of feelings and gender. The best decision to impact on young people today is to fight the battle on two battlegrounds – the schools and social media.

The school boards should be places that parents make it clear that they will not compromise on their values – period. Teachers, and especially principals with values that espouse fake concepts such as transgenders and cancel culture for anything that is not a radical woke value, should have no chance of running schools or teaching in a classroom. As important as reading and writing is, it is more important that classrooms not be places that children’s minds are polluted. Boys and girls, yes – they are two different categories, should be safe from woke radical parents trying to convince them that their gender is a matter of choice like flavors in an ice cream store.

Freedom is under attack in the entire Western world by a culture of cancelling anything that is not a radical woke value. The social media fight will only be won via slick and humorous short videos – spread far and wide – that display the ridiculousness of radical woke values.

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