Two Pioneers Making Life Better For Others

by Phil Schneider

The Special Needs community numbers in the tens of millions around the world. These are people who cannot get by without the help of others – especially when it comes to tackling basic daily tasks. So, what is the secret that drives these two pioneers in the field of helping people with special needs? Is it merely the fact that they have special needs themselves in their own family? No, it is much more than that.

These people have figured out the secret to happiness in life. Yes – the secret to happiness in this world is giving. A person who spends their life giving is a happy person. They are spending their time expanding their minds and hearts as they are not focused on their own self aggrandizement.

The person with the most amount of giving at the end of life is the person who has truly won in this world. It is that simple, and it is also addictive. Anybody who has ever seen a Shalva event knows that the people in these programs, both the special needs children, and the caregivers, are so filled with happiness that it is contagious.

There is so much soul and giving in the room that it is nearly impossible to not come back for more. If we would only all apply this to our own lives with our own loved ones who are not special needs, we would find our lives to be so much richer.

Give and give more. That’s what these amazing pioneers are all about.

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