Watch the Secret to Happiness Lies in the Jewish Holiday of Sukkot

by Leah Rosenberg

Every Jewish holiday has a different theme that goes along with it. Sukkot is about happiness. How does this holiday teach us that message?

Sukkot and Happiness

What a beautiful idea. Judaism teaches the world things that do not only apply to the Jewish people. Everyone can benefit from messages like this. Every holiday is supposed to help us become closer to G-d. The holidays remind us about our purpose in life and the things that really matter. Sukkot is the holiday of happiness.

Judaism values the idea of being happy and having happy lives. It’s true – we are all given different things in our lives. We all have different struggles. But as explained in the video, Sukkot reminds us of what truly matters. The things that truly matter are what can bring us eternal and true joy. Money is not what brings us lasting happiness. “Stuff” creates a type of bliss that is fleeting. But family, friends, relationships, spirituality – all of that can create a happiness that cannot be described or touched.

The message of Sukkot is one that we should carry with us throughout the entire year. And in case we need a reminder, the holiday will be there again the following year to tell us what matters and to recharge us for the year ahead. There is something reassuring and uplifting about knowing that every holiday happens at the same time every year. It gives us a push to keep going. It gives us something to look forward to; to that time that we get which is so beneficial for our relationships with each other and with G-d.

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