Watch: The Evidence That the UN Actually Took Part in the Massacre Against Israel

by Phil Schneider

Could it be that a UN agency could actually be so blatantly anti-Israel as to actually take part in the massacre of Israelis? It is hard to believe as the UN at least puts on a show of being an impartial peace-seeking entity. But the facts reveal that the UNRWA agency is actually rotten to the core and exists for one essential reason – to help the enemies of Israel continue their battle for the destruction of the State of Israel.

The UNRWA agency was set up in order to deal with the Arab refugee problem that was created as a result of Israel’s victory in the War of Independence in 1948. There were indeed tens of thousands of Arab refugees who vacated their homes in order to make way for other Arab irregular fighters and organized Arab armies to kill as many Jews as possible. 

In addition, Israel, as a policy of the Israeli government, did indeed destroy Arab villages from which Arabs terrorized Jews who travelled on the main Tel-Aviv – Jerusalem road. This also created more Arab refugees. This today sounds cruel. It was indeed cruel and it was also well deserved. The Arab villages surrounding Jerusalem blocked all of the roads heading to Jerusalem and sniped at every single Israeli truck carrying food and supplies to Jerusalem. Hundreds of Jews were killed by Arabs from these villages trying to keep tens of thousands of Jews in Jerusalem from starving to death. The policy of destroying an Arab village that was used as a base for killing Jews is 100% justified. Today, that is largely what is occurring in the Gaza Strip.  

Those who massacre and kill are not deserving of any sympathy. They have all signed their own death warrant once they lift up a weapon to kill a Jew. The world is still getting used to the fact that Jews hit back and hit back hard. The new Jew does not cower nor beg to not be killed. Israeli Jews don’t fight with their passports.  The new Jew in Israel knows how to aim and kill anyone who rises up to kill them. For those who are troubled by this kind of politically incorrect language, welcome to the Middle East. Destroy them before they destroy you. 

UNRWA today is nothing more than an agency that exists to turn the Arab refugee problem from 1948 into a never-ending massive pressure cooker against the State of Israel. It is an entity that funnels more than 1 billion dollars of UN funding towards Arab terrorists every year. That money goes towards various uses – building terror tunnels, teaching terror in UNRWA schools, and paying large salaries to UNRWA employees that justify Arab terror against Israel. This is what the US and other country’s taxpayers are funding – keeping terror against the State of Israel alive and well forever.

It is long overdue that UNRWA be removed once and for all from the State of Israel. Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, understands this well. This should be one of the top Middle East priorities for the next President of the United States in order to ensure that the Abraham Accords are built upon to achieve a durable and lasting calm in the Middle East. UNRWA causes the opposite of calm. Israel and the rest of the world need to dismantle Hamas and every entity that supports Hamas in its midst – such as UNRWA.

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