Watch: Remarkable Footage of Western Wall After 1967 Liberation

by Leah Rosenberg

What historic footage! It is so exciting to see this, at a time after Jews were forbidden from approaching the Western wall of the Temple Mount for 19 years of the illegal Jordanian occupation of the Old City of Jerusaem, Judea & Samaria. How amazing is it to see such old footage of a place like the Western Wall?

What a beautiful and special feeling to this footage.

Western Wall, or the Kotel

In Hebrew, the Jewish people call the Western Wall the Kotel. Although some things around the Western Wall and the Old City of Jerusalem have changed, the stones of the wall are the same. It is truly a special thing. The Kotel has become a place for people worldwide to come and pray. And it’s unbelievable that this wall still stands.

The Kotel is not the holiest place in Judaism, although some might think it is. Of course, it has significance because it is one of the surviving walls that surrounded the Temple and the Temple Mount. But the holiest site in Judaism is the Temple Mount where the previous two Jewish Temples once stood and where the final one will stand again soon with G-d’s help.

The Jewish people and the world need to understand the significance of the Western Wall while also understanding that the true holiest place is the place that the wall surrounds; the Temple Mount.

There is so much controversy and talk over the Temple Mount and who it belongs to, and it seems absurd to think that the world claims it doesn’t belong to the Jewish people. A mosque was built ON TOP of remnants of the Jewish Temple. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out which came first.

This footage is remarkable though because the Western Wall was finally liberated and open for Jews to pray at after years of the Jewish people not praying there. This holy place that was once empty of the Jewish people and their prayers is now constantly flowing with G-d’s nation.

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