Watch Out, Is Biden Creating a Police State?

by Phil Schneider

Is it an exaggeration to call the overuse or misuse of the FBI a Police State? Yes. But, it is nonetheless not a minor issue to ignore. The trend is very troubling. China is a police state amassing information at every intersection on all of it’s citizenry. The former Soviet Union certainly was a police state. But the main point here is that the world has changed so drastically that the amount of information that can be attained by the FBI via Google and social media companies is staggering. So, misuse of all of the info becomes nothing more than a decision to dive in. The information is there for the FBI to delve. But it is actually not as scary as one may think. Here’s why.

J. Edgar Hoover, the man who dominated the FBI for around five decades, was probably the main abuser of classified information in the history of the United States. He had a unique way of blackmailing Presidents and other power brokers in Washington. Nobody wanted to deal with him out of fear that he could bring them down. Everybody either had a skeleton or two in their closet, and if they were clean, Hoover had proven able to create skeletons where there were none.

One example of Hoover’s excesses was his accusation of Martin Luther King being a communist. MLK may not have been as pure as his reputation, but he was no communist. This was mere hate mongering and racism couched in a more believable skeleton that Hoover and his staff had conjured up.

In today’s day and age, every cell phone of every person is filled with so much information that is accessible to Google and social media companies that nobody should feel like they have genuine privacy unless they are nearly always in airplane mode. That means that nobody is safe.

The sheer volume of information though is the main reason to not be overly concerned. It would take a staff of hundreds of thousands of governmental employees, meaning tens of billions of dollars, to literally sift through endless information in order to create a true police state controlling all of the information flowing in. Only China is able to do this. The USA has too many checks and balances, namely, too many Congressman and Congresswomen with their own skeletons that they would never approve such a massive buildup of governmental overreach. So most of the info will simply sit on servers and never be unearthed.

The irony of this all is that Hunter Biden’s laptop, filled with incriminating information exposing Joe Biden as a corrupt Vice President, was largely ignored, despite attempts by right wing media outlets to focus on the issue. This was not a complex information gathering issue at all.

The FBI, by it’s nature, a secretive organization, has a tremendous amount of latitude to press in whatever direction it chooses. If the FBI wants to weaken Donald Trump, it just needs to raid Mar-a-Lago to sully Donald Trump’s reputation. If it wants to protect Joe Biden, it can decide to ignore Hunter Biden’s business exploits.

It would be more precise to accuse the Biden administration as being a massively corrupt government than one that runs a police state.

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