Watch: Liberal Reporter Quickly Regrets Ever Opening His Mouth to Speak

by Phil Schneider

Illegal immigration is indeed a major issue. It is not merely an economic matter or a jobs issue. It is about losing control of city after city across America to the negative effects of drug trafficking. Are all immigrants so problematic? No. Many are actually Mexicans, Latinos from Central America and South America looking for a better life than they have in their countries of origin. The problem is the significant minority that is indeed on drugs or purposefully attempting to import drugs into the United States.

Ted Cruz is absolutely correct in noting that the previous Trump administration did indeed curb most immigration problems from the southwest border of the United States. And sure enough, President Biden, from the get-go, freed up immigration. Things have spun so out of control that city after city is feeling the repercussions of this chaotic situation.

New York City Mayor, Eric Adams, knows that the problem is destroying his city. But, rather than work to fix the issues, he has supported the right of non-citizens to vote. He has basically demoted the idea of citizenship and removed one of the main incentives of illegal immigrants to act as honorable citizens.

Illegal immigration is not a clear-cut issue. Sometimes, it is actually a blessing in disguise. During the struggle to build up the State of Israel, tens of thousands of Jewish refugees from Europe illegally immigrated to the British-occupied State of Israel. They turned into some of the core leadership of the fledgling State of Israel, and for decades afterwards. But the few rotten apples that came along in those ships did not have a profound negative impact on the Jewish struggle.

Today’s illegal immigrants are not only innocent refugees looking for upward mobility and a peaceful lifestyle. There are massive numbers of rotten apples and they are not being rooted out. Ted Cruz is from Texas and feels the impact every day. He is 100% right.

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