WATCH: IDF Late Night Raid to Arrest Senior Hamas Terrorist Ends in Shootout

by Avi Abelow

Last week the IDF entered the Arab Muslim village of Aqab to arrest a number of local Arabs suspected of involvement in terror. The local Arab villagers began to riot to stop the IDF mission. A shootout ensued with 4 Arab villagers shot and one dying from his wounds. The IDF mission was successful and they arrested 12 suspects including a senior Hamas terrorist operative.

Hamas Terrorist

Last Tuesday the IDF arrested 12 Arabs in Judea and Samaria on suspicion of involvement in terrorism and violent disturbances. According to Arab sources, one of the detainees was senior Hamas operative in Judea and Samaria Sheikh Hassan Yousef. The Sheikh has a past record. He is in his 60s and has been arrested many times in the past.

As the IDF entered the area, the local Arabs began to riot. Clashes erupted during the overnight operation, resulting in the killing of a 23-year-old Arab and the wounding of three others.

The IDF reported that army, border police, and police forces operating in the village of Aqab near the refugee camp, opened live fire at an Arab mob that was throwing explosive charges and stones at them.


Hamas is the terror organization that runs the Gaza strip. Judea and Samaria is run by the Fatah led Palestinian Authority. Hamas is always trying to gain more strength in Judea & Samaria. The IDF is always running operations to stop the strengthening of Hamas in Judea & Samaria.

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