Watch IDF Destroying Hezbollah Terror Tunnel

by Avi Abelow

These Hezbollah terror tunnels are a showcase of the absolute failure of the United Nations to enforce its own resolutions. After the 2006 second Lebanon war, a resolution was passed that set up a special United Nations peace-keeping force called UNIFIL that was supposed to stop all Hezbollah activity in Southern Lebanon. The building of these terror tunnels right under the nose of the UNIFIL force is a testament to how Israel cannot trust the international community to stop anti-Israel aggression. This is in addition to the 150,000 Iran funded Hezbollah rockets in Southern Lebanon aimed at every part of Israel. UNIFIL was supposed to not allow that either. Yet they allowed Iran to build up a force of 150,000 rockets aimed at Israel!

The IDF is destroying the tunnel on the Israeli side of the border, the other side of the wall is Lebanon.

Hezbollah Terror Tunnels

For years residents of Israeli communities on the Lebanese border have complained of hearing digging and drilling underneath the ground in the middle of the night. They reported these abnormal activities to the authorities and the IDF. Special meetings were set up where the Northern residents aired their concerns that Hezbollah was digging tunnels into Israel like Hamas were doing in Gaza. For years, the IDF told the residents that they had nothing to worry about, allaying their fears that the ground up North is rocky and unlike the sands of Gaza, and that the Hezbollah couldn’t dig tunnels underneath the ground.

Last week the IDF admitted that they have known about these terror tunnels for years. It seems like the IDF and the Israeli authorities did not want to admit to the Israeli residents that the Hezbollah were digging underground terror tunnels until they figured out the solution on how to detect them and destroy them. Had the authorities admitted to the residents years ago, without having the ability to deal with the problem, Hezbollah would have had time to restrategize and maximize the tunnels before Israel had time to detect them.

Senior IDF officials admitted that the timing of the announcement about the tunnels coincides with them finally having the developed technology to detect and destroy them. That is why the IDF has immediately executed the plan to detect and destroy them, surprising the Hezbollah and giving them no time to restrategize.

The Technology

The Israeli technology used to detect these tunnels is amazing.

The past two years Israel has installed a wall on the Lebanon border. While all Israelis thought that these were normal walls, they were not. The wall included special sensors that are able to detect changes in the ground underneath. Thanks to this system of sensors along the Northern border, Israel and the IDF are now able to pinpoint where the tunnels cross into Israeli territory.

Amazing Israeli ingenuity at work.

Hezbollah’s Plan

Hezbollah planned to use these attack tunnels to stream whole commando units into Israel and isolate Israel’s northern communities, on the Lebanon border, damaging the Israeli moral, inflicting a shocking strike at Israeli communities and leaving Isreal in a bind on how to battle Hezbollah while minimizing Israeli civilian casualties.

For years the Hezbollah has promised that in its next war against Israel they would not just play defense in Lebanese territory but they would strike and capture Israeli territory. These terror tunnels were a key part of that strategy.

The current Israeli operation to detect and destroy the Hezbollah terror tunnels is a huge blow to the Hezbollah war plan.

It is an absolute disgrace that while Israel has complied with the United Nations ceasefire resolution that ended the last Lebanon war, the United Nations are the ones responsible for the military offensive, of terror tunnels and rockets, that Iran has been able to prepare with the Hezbollah.

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