WATCH: Hezbollah Sends A Barrage Of Rockets At Mount Meron

by Micha Gefen

Israel’s Northern front continues to slide towards a full war. After the assassination of a high level Hezbollah operative, the terror group fired a barrage of 80 rockets at Kiryat Shmona, Meron, Jish, and other Northern Galilee locations.

The attack comes at a time that Israel is not only facing a grueling set of battles in Gaza, but a very real possibility that it may have to launch an offensive into Lebanon in order to push Hezbollah back North. Without that, Northern residents will remain displaced and at the mercy of Hezbollah rockets.

Just today Elad Fingerhut, aged 38, from Kibbutz Metzuba in western Galilee was murdered when he went to assist soldiers hit by an anti-tank missile.

The IDF was reported to have hit back hard against Hezbollah. Yet, to the 100,000 displaced residents of the North, airstrikes are not enough. Only a full scale assault that will permanently eradicate Hezbollah will allow them to move back home.

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