Watch Biden Hilariously Identify as Persian, Black, Jewish, and More

by Phil Schneider

Joe Biden has been known over the years as a gregarious Congressman, Senator, and Vice President. Whether one agrees or disagree with his policy positions, he is a capable and experienced politician. He has also built up a reputation for having less filters than most people in jobs that require much diplomacy and political correctness. That has created an image of Joe Biden as somewhat likable.

But he should not be President of the United States today. Perhaps 10-20 years ago it would have been relevant. But today, he is indeed a puppet President who is largely following marching orders that he is usually able to remember. Jill knows this and one day, it will be revealed just how irresponsible it is for the Democrat Party to nominate Joe Biden.

Who should be in charge of deciding whether a Presidential candidate is over the hill or not? Should there be some sort of an “objective” committee of doctors who test cognition? Well, there is no such thing as truly objective. We learned during the coronavirus pandemic how non-political a small group of doctors can be. A larger sample of people is needed to make that judgement.

What should be mandatory are a bunch of debates between the candidates – similar to what exists today coupled with a bunch of town hall type meetings with well known and trusted anchormen and anchorwomen that ask tough questions. The goal of these questions should indeed be to trip up the candidates and let the electorate see whether or not a candidate is truly qualified or not for the job. Joe Biden would have gotten confused and said “C’mon” every few minutes. Voters would have understood that he was struggling. Somehow, in the debates against Donald Trump, he performed rather well.

There are too many candidates that have excellent resumes and know how to read a teleprompter, but no longer have the cognitive level to handle the immense pressure of the Oval Office. There is no more demanding and no more important job than the Presidency of the United States. The United States and the world cannot afford to have struggling Presidents like Joe Biden in the driver’s seat. A stress test before nomination needs to become the norm in order to make sure we are safe.

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