Watch: Bibi’s Near-Victory Speech is Enraging Biden

by Phil Schneider

Israel is winning the war – big time. Following the catastrophic beginning of the war in Israel’s south, Israel’s armed forces have shown enormous bravery and a stick-to-it willingness to slog it out through built up areas of terror resistance and an endless web of Arab terror tunnels. The problem is that Hamas, Hizbullah, and other Iranian proxy groups do not recognize as of yet that they have lost the war. That will come, but it has yet to occur. 

When will Israel’s enemies realize that they have lost? They will realize this when Israel kills the leaders of Hamas, Sinwar, Def, and other leaders. They will realize this when Israel makes a loud and clear declaration that they will not rescind sovereignty on any of the land in Gaza in order to insure that no terror emanates from there ever again. 

The solution to Arab terror is clear – disarm, kill, or transfer out of the Land of Israel. Then, most of all, reeducate. The wars that Arabs wage against Jews do not need to go on forever. But they will go on forever as long as the Arab textbooks, summer camps, and Mosques educate to kill Jews. This is very politically incorrect to say. But Israel must have red lines about what Arabs teach Arabs. Freedom to teach terror is the same as ecouraging terror. That freedom should never be allowed, even in Mosques. Freedom of religion needs to have limits if the religion preaches a call to arms against every other religion. 

The United States and England better wake up before they realize too that their exists a fifth column in their midst that is teaching hatred of the West. They may not be digging tunnels in suburban Detroit. But they are certainly not teaching the pledge of allegiance to the United States of America in mosques in Dearborn. The masses of Venezuelan and Chinese immigrants flooding the United States do not get weepy when they see the American flag. They are a slowly growing ticking time bomb.  

These days, liberalism without borders quickly turns into madness. True liberalism is out of style in the Western world. Instead, progressive radical ideas have overtaken the minds of the masses. Thank G-d, today Israel is largely unified in understanding that there is only one language that works with confronting radical Muslims. Nikki Haley said it best when she exclaimed that Israel needs to finish them. Israel is well on it’s way as long as it does not capitulate to pressure from the West.  

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