Watch Ben Shapiro React On How The Left Is Coming For Our Kids

by Phil Schneider

Romper Room and Sesame Street were wonderful shows. Hundreds of millions of people learned English and basic moral values watching Big Bird, Elmo, and even Cookie Monster. Today, Sesame Street is a pro-vaccine propaganda weapon. This is definitely a controversial situation. But that is the tip of the iceberg. The real problem is Disney.

The worst thing that ever was featured was Mickey and Minnie Mouse having a loving relationship. But now, subtle agenda programming is the new norm on Disney. In nearly every program, there will be a trans character. This will be done in seemingly innocent ways, but it is absolutely intentional.

The Daily Wire decision to invest 100 million dollars in order to build healthy children programming is exactly the right thing to do. The world is way different today than it was when we grew up. Nothing is innocent anymore.

It’s not Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood anymore. It’s a world of trans bi-sexual political correctness that is now threatening the very youngest children via Disney programming. It is not only college campuses that pollute minds of the young. It is the television that they watch in their pajamas while they eat cereal in the morning before going to kindergarten that is so dangerous today.

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