Watch as Donald Trump Predicted All of Biden’s Mistakes as President

by Leah Rosenberg

When Donald Trump presented the option of voting for Joe Biden as the choice that would tank the economy and embroil the country in a mess on the foreign policy level, even many of Donald Trump’s supporters thought it was an exaggeration. Unfortunately, Donald Trump’s predictions have largely come true.

There is no question that the American economy has faltered and is struggling under Joe Biden. Anybody who uses a car or a grocery store knows that. There is also no doubt that the evil players on the world stage like Vladimir Putin’s Russia and the Chinese Communist Party in China see the Biden Presidency as the most opportune time to attack their neighbors.

The only question is which of the two failures, the domestic or the international policy will lead to more suffering and turmoil int he coming years. In November 2022, the big change in Congress will most certainly occur. That will make it much more difficult for the unbridled domestic spending to continue. But Congress cannot rein in President Biden or Harris as easily on foreign expenditures or inaction.

Iran will probably decide to act before 2024. No country fears Donald Trump or any other Republican more than Iran. The single attack that Donald Trump ordered on Iran’s top general probably set back Iran almost 5 years. But Biden’s policies are bringing back the Iranian threat to the forefront of issues that will need to be cleaned up after Biden’s departure.

But what nearly everybody knows now, and nobody talked much about before Donald Trump was the threat from China. But no less important than knowing one’s enemy is knowing how to properly deal with the challenge. As of now, Biden’s weak actions in Afghanistan have certainly emboldened China to make moves against Taiwan. But how should the United States deal with an attack of this sorts? This is not a simple question at all. But one thing is clear. The Chinese threat will probably grow and grow until it is properly dealt with. Who will deal with it best is not a simple question either.

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