War Up North with Lebanon

by Avi Abelow

There already is a war with Lebanon, just on a low flame. If the world really wanted to prevent a war with Lebanon it would have pressured Lebanon to uphold UN resolution 1701 from the 2006 war! But it hasn’t. Lebanon/Hizbullah have disregarded resolution 1701 since it was signed by the UN! Hence, we can’t trust any international diplomacy to protect our basic right to life.

International diplomacy is never followed to protect Israel, it is only pursued to stop Israel from winning and properly defending ourselves from the evil of our Arab Muslim enemies, and letting them live to rearm and kill us for another day!

While we are currently in a low-scale war with Lebanon, ultimsteky, there will be a full scale war with Lebanon for one simple reason…no Israeli is returning to his/her home up North until the threats of Hizbullah terror is totally eradicated. None of them are moving back home until that is accomplished. Israelis no longer trust any foreign intervention in protecting ourselves. We have to get rid of the threats, totally, on our own, despite the tremendous international pressure that will try to stop us from protecting ourselves and instead protect our enemies!

This is the bitter truth that Jews worldwide and Israel supporters worldwide must internalize. We are alone! International efforts are all against us. We must win and winning is a total knock-out of it enemies capabilities to lift a finger against us!

Believe it or not, this is what the population of the freedom-loving world expects of us. They don’t trust their governments to protect them either. They are looking to be inspired by the Jewish people to totally defeat the enemy! We can’t let the freedom-loving world down, in addition to our own people!

We are the PinPoint if the spear for the freedom-loving world. We are the frontline for all of humanity!

We must win and we must defeat our enemies with a total victory! For ourselves and for all og humanity!

Am Yisrael Chai!!!

In preparation for the next phase of the war with Hezbollah, here is an important fundraiser to get ballistic helmets for a Nahal reserve brigade waiting for that upcoming battle, because it’s not a question of if but when…

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