USA and Israel Put Pressure On Iran With Days To Go Before Biden Takes Over

by David Mark

With Washington D.C. under heavy military lockdown, the Middle East is barreling on a collision course with war. The US military under direction of President Trump’s Department of Defense (DoD) is aiding Israel and the Sunni Gulf States on a last minute campaign to set back Iran’s expansion for the foreseeable future.

For the entirety of the transition between the Trump administration and the incoming Biden administration there has been a near freeze on sharing information between the DoD and Biden’s people. There have been many reasons and explanations given, but the offensive nature of the US-Israel-Sunni campaign we are witnessing stands as the most reasonable.

The Trump team long ago assessed that it would have to do everything it could to push back on Iranian expansion and hegemony in the region before the Biden’s team would take the reign. It appears that given the sinophiles and pro Iranian advisors on staff, information from the DoD on current missions would be too sensitive to share with them.

The current campaign is all about pushing back Iran so much that the four years under Biden or Harris would not be enough for the regime in Tehran to push forward past the current battle lines. The only challenge is that now Iran has a full alliance with China to make that possible. Furthermore, if Biden’s team takes a more proactive stance in both partnership with China and even the Mullahs than Obama did then Iran, even with the current US-Israel-Sunni campaign may be able to bounce back quick.

Will President Trump’s last ditch maneuver to crush the Iranian regime be successful? We shall soon find out.

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