US Government Was Biggest Spreader of Covid Misinformation

by Avi Abelow

On March 23rd, Dr. Martin Markay gave important testimony in Congress.

Dr. Markay is a Professor at Johns Hopkins University who slammed elite colleges for ‘anti-scientific and cruel’ COVID policies back in January 2022, blaming covid ‘groupthink’. Today, he goes much further, blaming the US government for providing total misinformation to the public.

As expected, there is hardly any reporting about this testimony in any establishment media outlet.

Even while this important information is being exposed, unless people find this information on their own, they are totally in the dark about this information.

I, as many others, were censored online, and deemed dangerous by friends, family and neighbors, for using our G-d given common sense to voice basic questions, concerns and scientific information being provided by many well-respected doctors & scientists that went against the covid narrative of governments, the FDA, CDC and the establishment media.

I first began questioning the narrative back in March, 2020. Ever since then, I used my platform to provide information so that people could make better informed health decisions. For that, I and others, were censored and delegitimized.

It is beyond sad, that today, still too many people are ignorant of the truth and instead continue to trust the misinformation from the government.

Full Video of Dr. Markay from the Congressional Hearing

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