Uniting the Whole Jewish People in Memory of the Fallen Israeli Soldiers

by Avi Abelow

As Israeli Memorial day approaches, this is a fabulous project to unite the whole Jewish people in memory of the fallen Israeli soldiers.

People from all over the world can take part. Watch the video (Hebrew and English) and learn how you can take part. Then click here to register.

Quotes from the Video

Rabbi Shlomo Amar: I was very happy to hear about this noble initiative to learn the entire Torah by those in Israel and around the world.

Rabbi David Lau: There are those who sacrificed their lives so that we can be able to live here in the land of Israel. They have the privilege to sit in the learning study in the heavens. But they do not have the ability to learn the Talmud. This is something we can do, by connecting these two things. To connect and give them merit by learning a page of Talmud to elevate their souls. To unite the entire Jewish people banding together in learning the Torah.

Rabbi Jonathan Solomon: I received the name of one of the fallen Israeli soldiers. His name was victor Edri. He was born in Casablanca in 1928. Victor fought in the war of Independence. He was killed serving as a reserve soldier in 1951. I thought of his journey to Israel and I thought of mine. I realized how the Torah binds all of us together.

Rabbi Yigal Hadaya: This is a project that unites, builds bridges between different groups and adds a unique aspect to Israel Memorial Day for fallen soldiers.

It’s a moral obligation of every Jew to those who lost their lives for the Jewish people and the Land of Israel.

Join this fabulous project to connect all Jews via learning Torah. Whoever joins this project will experience Israeli Memorial Day on a whole different level. The moment we are all learning together we will all unite and come together as one.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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