Unbelievable: What This Israeli NGO Did is Making Israel-Haters Think Again

by Leah Rosenberg

You’re going to be blown away by what this Israeli NGO did and does. It’s truly remarkable. The world should see this!

This Israeli NGO is Changing Lives with Clean Water

Most of us probably take clean water for granted. We turn on our sinks, and we can drink the water. Maybe you prefer your water machine, which is an even bigger luxury. But the fact is, most of us can drink water straight from our sinks. We have clean drinking water at the tips of our fingers on a constant basis. We can shower in clean water. We can cook with clean water. Most people probably never think twice. But people in the village of Cameroon did not have this basic necessity until the Israeli NGO Innovation: Africa came to save the day. This organization literally saves lives. And the people of Africa are clearly very thankful.

It’s remarkable what people are willing to do for those they don’t know. What Innovation: Africa has done for the villages in Africa who are lacking things as simple as clean drinking water is unbelievable.

You wonder how anyone can hate Israel when these are the types of things the Jewish people do. Israel is a democratic and free society. Israeli NGOs like this one have changed the world for the better.

So the next time someone tries to demonize the one and only Jewish state, show them this video. Share the truth. Let them know what the state of Israel is all about!

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