Unbelievable Story: From Radical Gaza Mosque to Religious IDF Soldier

by Leah Rosenberg

This Israeli Arab was sent to study in the most extreme Gaza mosque. How did he go on to become a religious IDF soldier?

Gaza Mosque to IDF Soldier

How remarkable is this story? There are so many shocking things about it. Hearing what happens in Gaza is horrifying. It’s true. You are hearing firsthand the types of things that go on in a Gaza mosque. This former Muslim, now named Yaron Avraham, shared the disgusting nature of radical Islam and how children are educated to kill, murder, and hate. These children have no childhood.

Yaron saw how disturbing the culture is, and he saw the beauty in Judaism.

Sadly, not enough children growing up like he did can see the truth. So many of them grow up to be terrorists. In fact, they don’t even need to “grow up.” Children themselves participate in acts of terror as well. Many who carry out terror attacks are in their teens. It’s hard to fathom just how sickening it truly is.

Yaron Avraham made an important point how Islam sanctifies death and Judaism sanctifies life. Can you have a more stark contrast than that? How is so much of the world still supporting radical Islam over Judaism? You wonder how so many governments, even those in the Western world, refuse to give Israel their full support to obliterate Hamas. What do they think will happen if a radical Islamic group is left in charge? We have seen the results. We know already. Why can’t people wake up?

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