Unbelievable Proof of the Moments Before the Temple’s Destruction

by Leah Rosenberg

Can you imagine being there in the final moments before the Temple’s destruction? Can you imagine what the Jewish people felt?

Connecting to the Temple’s Destruction

These findings are remarkable for many reasons. When archaeology like this is uncovered, it furthers proves to the world that the land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people. There is proof that our Temples existed and were destroyed. And with G-d’s help, the final Temple will be rebuilt, just like G-d told us through His prophets. It can sometimes be hard to relate to the Temple’s destruction. We get so lost in the chaos of our own lives that we forget to take a breath and connect to what came before us.

But something like this connects us to those who came before us. Our ancestors existed and were real. Their struggles were real. The way they suffered at the hands of our enemies was real. We have proof of what happened. For the Jewish people, the past matters profusely. We remember the good and bad times as a nation. Specifically on the 9th of the Hebrew month of Av every year, the Jewish people mourn the loss of the first and second Temples as well as other tragedies that befell our people (in addition to all the prayers we say, texts we study, and traditions we keep throughout the year that remind us of the Temples’ destructions). Everything that occurred throughout Jewish history is critical.

Let’s pray that G-d sends the final redemption speedily in our days and rebuilds His Temple. And let’s all do our part to follow G-d’s ways so that we can speed along that process.

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