Unbelievable Color Footage of IDF Soldiers Liberating Jerusalem in 1967

by Phil Schneider

57 years ago, Israeli paratroopers and fighters of the Jerusalem Brigade liberated the Holiest Site of the Jeish people. Entering via the Lion’s Gate, with Chief Rabbi of the Armed Forces, Rabbi Shlomo Goren in their midst, the historical events of that fateful day in June 1967 can now be seen in color! 

For anyone who lived through those events, it was one of the most thrilling days in their life. Following 19 years of occupation by Jordan when the Jewish people were not allowed to pray at their Holiest location, the Jewish people were back to stay. But this time, it was for good, with full sovereignty, for the first time in nearly 2,000 years, the Jewish people were in charge of their own fate on the exact location where both Temples stood for more than 800 years.   

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