Is The UN Preparing To Make A Move Against Israel

by Micha Gefen

While any actionable UN move against Israel is improbable as long as President Trump is in charge, the prospects for a Biden or lets just say Democratic led White House increases the odds that that the UN’s crusade against the State of Israel will pick up after Biden or whoever it is for the Democrats is sworn in.

The move towards extending sovereignty over Israel’s Biblical and historic heartland is fraught with landmines and pitfalls. The UN has been gunning for Israel in the years after the ’67 war. The continuous building of communities in Judea and Samaria is perhaps the seen as the biggest threat to the world.

Since Bibi is keeping the details of his plan secret it is hard to know the extent of what he will do and the ramifications it will cause. This is why the UN is already chiming in now, in order to preempt the move.

But the sovereignty train has left the station and it is not slowing down. The question is will the UN wait to see if the Democrats win the White House before making a move or will they pounce now, fumbling over themselves with no leverage. Time is getting short. The wolves are circling and the roadblocks are being erected. Does Bibi have what it takes to ignore them all and bring Israel to a new paradigm?

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