Two Arab Children Went Missing – You Won’t Believe Who Saved Them

by Leah Rosenberg

This story about what happened to missing Arab children should be making news headlines! Here is the truth about Israel and the IDF!

When Arab Children Went Missing, the IDF Saved the Day

Wow. What a story this is! Israel is a remarkable country, and the IDF is a remarkable army. The media constantly lies about Israel. They spread blood libels about the Jewish people and what the Jewish people do to Arab children. And none of it is true. What is true is a story like this one. Arab children went missing. Their families were probably terrified. And it was the IDF who found those children wondering around a Jewish community. Did the Jewish people of the community of Yitzhar do anything bad to the children? G-d forbid! That is not how Jews act.

This story proves that the media is wrong about Israel. They are wrong about Jews who live in Judea and Samaria.

Why can’t this story make the mainstream news headlines? Why does the media act as if these types of stories never happened?

The Jewish people and Israel deserve to be represented in the media for who they really are. And this story really defines the essence of the Jewish nation. It also shows you that the Jewish people are not out to kill Arabs. Israel is happy to live side by side with peaceful Arabs. While the IDF must defend itself against those who seek to kill the Jewish people, they do not target innocent Arabs. And the family members of these Arab children should be able to testify to the truth.

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