With Turkey On The Rise Israel’s Alliance With Greece and Cyprus Are Key

by Micha Gefen

Neo-Sultan Erdogan of Turkey has been expanding his country’s NATO allied army to at least four different fronts over the last year. He has his eyes on reestablishing the Ottoman Empire.

Turkey has its army involved directly in Libya, Syria, Yemen, and this week Iraqi Kurdistan. Yet, Erdogan is really after a much bigger prize – Israel.

This is why Israel’s growing alliance over the last few years with Greece and Cyprus has been key in establishing a security framework in the eastern Mediterranean. More than this, this alliance has morphed into an economic powerhouse with Israel set to transport its natural gas through Cyprus and Greece in order to reach the European markets.

Erdogan has not be amused with Israel’s transformation into an energy powerhouse as well as being the bulwark behind an eastern Mediterranean security structure.

Turkey appears ready to challenge all three countries in establish its hegemony in the Mediterranean Sea.

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