Try Watching This Jewish Music Video Without Dancing

by Leah Rosenberg

You haven’t heard Jewish pop music until you’ve heard this. This Jewish music video is so upbeat, you’ll want to listen again and again.

A Must-See Jewish Music Video

There is something about this song that literally forces you to just dance. It makes you want to be happy and sing. This Jewish music video is entertaining, and the tune is extremely catchy.

And the best part is – the words are holy! What is so beautiful about Jewish music is that the artists are singing about holy things. So you can be happy, sing, and dance all while having a spiritual experience that can bring you closer to G-d. Who knew that watching a Jewish music video can be such a rich experience?

The words are “Chai v’kayam norah u’marom v’kadosh.” The translation of the lyrics is: “Living and Enduring One, Awesome, Exalted, and Holy!”

What a remarkable thing. Judaism values music. We sing about G-d and praise Him all the time! In prayer services, in Grace After Meals (Birkat HaMazon/Bentching), and more. The Shabbat is filled with opportunities for singing and dancing. Jewish holidays have song and dance built in as well. Jewish weddings are surrounded by music, song, and dancing. And even daily life is filled with moments to connect to G-d through music.

People connect to Judaism and to G-d in different ways. What works for one person doesn’t work for the other. Some people connect through doing acts of kindness. Some through prayer. Some through learning G-d’s holy words from the Torah. Although we are commanded as Jews to do all of these things and to work on ourselves to feel connected through these things, we all have a specific area that makes us feel more connected. And if music is your special “thing” to connect to G-d, there is plenty of that in Judaism!

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