Must-See Trailer Drops Bombshell on Biden Classified Docs Scandal

by Phil Schneider

Is it a mere coincidence that just now the Biden classified documents were discovered? Is the timing perhaps based on the fact that Joe Biden has indicated that he wants to run for reelection and some people do not want him to run for reelection? Sounds a bit like a conspiracy? Yes, it does.

The political bombshell of classified documents being found on Joe Biden at this point in time may indeed be a coincidence. But it is more probable that it was not a coincidence. The political bombshell of the Pfizer vaccine being introduced right after election day in 2020 may have been a coincidence. But it is more probable that it was not a coincidence.

Even those who are generally skeptical about conspiratorial theories must admit that the timing of these two issues is rather fishy. Hillary Clinton certainly had a hand in deciding when the damning Hollywood tapes were produced against Donald Trump in their election contest.

Plain and simple, there is more going on behind the scenes than is revealed on mass media. This is no different than many other things. What makes this different is that it is probably Democrat against Democrat.

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