Trump’s former Middle East Special Envoy Shares a Secret about Peace

by Leah Rosenberg

Jason Greenblatt, Trump’s former Middle East Special Envoy, knows the truth about peace that too many won’t admit. Here it is.

The Middle East Special Envoy Who Understands the Middle East

If someone is hired as an expert in the Middle East, they should be an expert in just that: The Middle East. Under former President Trump, those who were appointed in various positions to help Israel and peace actually cared to help. They didn’t just try to appease the Palestinian Authority or give into the demands of terrorists. Trump’s former Middle East Special Envoy, Jason Greenblatt, knows that peace doesn’t come from giving the “Palestinians” all their hateful and destructive requests.

Kicking Jews out of Judea and Samaria is not only wrong, it doesn’t bring any type of peace. It actually only brings more terrorism. Did the world already forget about when Israel gave up Gush Katif in the Gaza strip? Gaza has become a terror zone. It has become a place where Hamas fires thousands upon thousands of rockets at innocent Israeli civilians. Giving up land and kicking Jews out does nothing positive.

And neither does giving money to the UN agency dedicated to continuing the “refugee” status of “Palestinians.” They don’t help improve the lives of Palestinian Arabs. This agency just gives money to fund more hate and terror.

Those who continue to misunderstand the Middle East and what peace really is about will never be able to help better the lives of Palestinian Arabs or help facilitate a true and lasting peace. And that’s why Jason Greenblatt was one of the top advisors who helped create the Abraham Accords – because he gets it.

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