Trump Threatens To Break The Chinese (Globalist) Chains

by David Mark

President Trump has decided to take the gloves off when it comes to the USA relationship with the Chinese Communist Party.

In an interview on Fox, President Trump said, “I have a very good relationship with Xi Jinping, but right now I don’t want to speak with him.” Trump went even further and said, “We can cut off the whole relationship, and if you did, what would happen? You would save 500 billion dollars.”

President Trump is going after the CCP for their belligerent stance, but more than that. The CCP is closely aligned with globalist elements on Wall Street, big tech, and the UN. By going after the CCP the way he is doing, President Trump is threatening to crash the entire globalist hegemony.

For years, Wall Street and big tech as well as other industries partnered with the CCP to create cheap supply lines which filled their pockets with cash, but destroyed local businesses across the United States in return.

The relationship between the big multinationals, the bankers and the CCP gave a stamp of approval to slave wage labor, the occupation of Tibet, and an oppressive surveillance state run by the Chinese Regime in Beijing.

This relationship has destroyed the resiliency of the global economy as well as wiping out indigenous cultures and ecosystems in the name of an ever expanding inexpensive corporate backed consumerism.

President Trump understands that the CCP is bad news. He also understands that the CCP is only part of the complex web of enemies the USA and other countries face in securing local control over resources and decision making. The CCP has done a good job of gaining control over the MSM and the UN as well as major multinational corporations. The challenge for the Chinese Communist Regime is that it faces a slew of countries around the world that have become fed up with its brand of neo-colonialism and economic enslavement.

The USA may have a number of ghosts in its closet as well when it comes to taking advantage of weaker countries, however what the US security apparatus has done pales in comparison to the CCP’s treatment of local populations around the world.

Will President Trump go forward and slay the Chinese Communist Dragon? It is hard to know. One thing is for sure, it is guaranteed that this will be the theme for his campaign for reelection.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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