Trump is the Best thing that happened for American Jews & Minorities

by Avi Abelow

Jew-hating antisemitism is growing by leaps and bounds today, with violent attacks taking place regularly.

Many are confused why. My analysis is clear, too many people have turned Jew-hating antisemitism into a political tool.

Why was Trump Presidency the best thing for American Jews and minorities? It is so simple to understand why. This is a video message I streamed back on January 19th, 2017, the day before President Trump was inaugurated, breaking down the politically incorrect truth..

Why did I make the video? Because the establishment media together with establishment Jewish organizational leaders were warning that Trump was an antisemite and he would lead to the growth of antisemitism.

It was important to me to make this video and share the politically incorrect truth that Jew-hatred was growing under eight years of Obama, especially on college campuses, yet the establishment media and establishment Jewish leaders were silent.

Here is the brilliant “Thank you Obama” post I quoted in the video:

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