Detailed Update on Trump’s Path to Election Victory

by Gavriel Dan

Despite the legacy media and even some conservative outlets wanting us to believe that Joe Biden will now inevitably be sworn on January 20th, the presidency is still up for grabs.

“Team Trump” lawyer Leigh Dundas gives another thorough run down of what has been happening in terms of court cases and personnel changes and ultimately the Trump strategy going forward.

While court cases have been largely stopped on procedural grounds, many others that were victories are being appealed. Most of these cases involve the subpoenas to allow an audit of voting machines, which has been fought tooth and nail by the Democrats in each of these states.

Personnel changes has led to the last removal of Deep State leadership within the Justice and Intelligence sectors. Trump loyalists have been installed in both the director positions and deputy director positions.

Why? What’s coming?

Leigh Dundas believes there are two avenues towards a Trump election victory currently taking place. She explains them both in the video.

She also delves into the many people working on exposing the foreign interference that took place with the elections. The head of the DNI, John Ratcliffe now clarifying that there is provable evidence that China, Iran, and Russia had direct influence on the outcome of the election. Furthermore, Michael Flynn now claims that foreign intelligence services have handed President Trump the proof he needs to show how the election was stolen.

Buckle up, the final stage is here.

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