No. It’s Not Over With Yet. Trump Can Still Win Despite Alleged Cheating

by Micha Gefen

With President Trump’s closing of Biden’s gap in Arizona and most experts saying that the state should be off the board right now for Biden, Trump once again has a very plausible path to victory.

He is ahead in Pennsylvania and most assume he will carry Georgia and North Carolina, which means he only needs Arizona or Nevada to win. Essentially, Biden’s path is virtually the same – Pennsylvania and one of the two others.

This is a nail biter with the President already demanding a recount in Wisconsin, which he will get. He is also filing lawsuits to stop ballot counting in Pennsylvania and Georgia. It should be understood what this means. He is not sueing to stop the counting of ballots that arrived by election day, but rather the ones that arrived after the election day.

Chaos is growing as multiple states are still counting ballots and lawsuits are flying. Protests are erupting. No matter what happens, the US is entering a new phase. And it does not seem good.

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