Trump at UN: What open border activists are doing is corrupt

by Phil Schneider

President Trump takes apart the idea of human border smuggling. He puts out the facts very clearly in this speech. He even uses the word “criminal” to characterize the people who are behind the human trafficking at the borders of the United States. This is not just an important issue. It is perhaps the signature issue that defined his candidacy. “Build The Wall” was a chant that thousands all over the country blurted out. The real truth is that this issue is not as simple as candidate Donald Trump said. Illegal immigration is not a small issue. It is actually an issue that cuts across many levels of controversial economic, national security and political issues across wide swaths of America.

Jobs Versus Security

What is often overlooked is the aspect of how many jobs illegal immigrants fill. Of course, the people who feel strongly about keeping illegal immigrants out argue that the only way to retain the reasonable jobs in America for legal workers is to keep the illegal workers out. However, many of the jobs – especially in the farming sector – that illegal workers fill, are not jobs that other legal workers are willing or able to fill. So, the entire issue of illegal immigration has no simple answer for both farmers and standard wages.

But the larger issue is security and political. There is no way around the fact that the ability for so many undocumented illegals to anchor themselves in the United States presents a major security risk across the United States. Until 9/11, Americans could fool themselves into thinking that the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans shielded them from attack. Today, we well understand that homegrown terror cells exist across the United States. It can be contained, but not if illegal immigration mushrooms out of control.

What is nearly never said in a clear fashion is that the Democratic party – across the board – understands well that they have so much to gain by allowing in more and more undocumented or illegal immigrants, and then gradually naturalizing them. The illegals will generally speaking vote democratic once they become legal. Republicans know this too.

What President Trump spoke about at the UN was of course the human side of illegal immigration. But that is only one part of the whole story. This issue may well define the Trump Presidency and may very well continue to be a controversial issue for decades.

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