Israel Faces New Threats From Iran, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Even From Within The Coalition Itself

by Micha Gefen

Israel has always been surrounded on many fronts from an array of enemy countries and terror movements. As talks falter between Iran and the West, war appears to be coming faster than many first believed, but thats not all.


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While Iran is preparing to attack Israel by air – either through long range missiles or aircraft, Hamas and Islamic Jihad are already revving up attacks. The Islamic Jihad groups was behind last weeks murder of a young married Jewish man. Stabbings have increased and other assaults as well.

Hamas is threatening to renew missile attacks from Gaza, if its terms are not met and Bennett’s Muslim Brotherhood coalition partners are threatening to topple the coalition from within.

With a weak leadership reliant on the USA for guidance and still pushing a worn out COVID-19 scare strategy, Israel stands in a far more perilous place than it did last year.

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