What it means to call the Land of Israel home

by Phil Schneider

This is a story of a wonderful bunch of guys who grew up or met up with each other in Raanana, Israel. They all loved to sing. So, on Friday nights (the Jewish Sabbath), they would get together on a street corner somewhere, and harmonize Jewish songs, songs about the Shabbat, songs about the Land of Israel. The Municipality of Raanana got word about them, and asked them to sing at the city’s Independence Day celebrations.

So the group became a real group, and now tours all over Israel spreading the word, singing about coming home, Jewish life and holidays, God’s love for us, the Land of Israel and the People of Israel. The group’s story and spirit sings out with passion, spontaneity and a thrilling sense of being connected. They truly help you Kippalive – just like their name.

Aliyah to the Land of Israel

Aliyah means to go up. It is the only country in the world whose people all recognize that when they move back to their homeland, they are moving up. This despite the fact that the State of Israel has the lowest place on earth in it’s midst.

The draw to come back to the Land of Israel is enormously powerful among the Jewish people. It has always been on the tips of the tongue of all Jewish people who pray. At every wedding ceremony, the bride and groom, at the apex of their excitement, recall their ultimate goal of happiness – when they return to Jerusalem. This was always an expression of hope that seemed so far from reality for centuries.

However, today, the blessing of the return of the Jewish people to their home in the Land of Israel is an irreversible reality. Sometimes the best way to express it is with a simple song on a beautiful mountain.

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