19 Year Old Girl Found Murdered Outside Jerusalem in Suspected Terror Attack

by Avi Abelow

A young 19-year-old woman, who was missing all afternoon, was found in a dead in a forest on the outskirts of Jerusalem with multiple stab wounds in her upper body. While all directions are being checked, the police strongly believe it to be a terror attack and they have already arrested a number of Arabs tonight for possibly being involved.

“Difficult and Shocking”

A young woman of 19, who has been missing since noon, was stabbed to death in a wooded area near Ein Yael in southern Jerusalem near the Biblical Zoo. Investigators and officials who have visited the crime scene Some have said that it was “difficult and shocking.”

At this stage, all directions of the investigation are being examined, including a terror attack. Police arrested a number of Arab suspects in the murder, but a sweeping gag order was imposed on the incident at this stage. The commander of the Jerusalem district, Major General Doron Yedid, who is himself in the arena and is assessing the situation, decided to place the investigation on the Central Unit of the Jerusalem District.

At 7:14 PM a report was received by the Magen David Adom first response center that a young woman was found unconscious in an open area in south Jerusalem. When MDA paramedics arrived on the scene they reported a young woman of about 19 with no signs of life and determined her death.

MDA paramedic Sefi Mizrachi said: “When we arrived, they led us to an open area where we saw a young woman of about 19 years of age unconscious without a pulse and without breathing. We performed medical tests, she had no signs of life, and unfortunately, we were only able to determine her death. “

The Almagor terrorist organization that 33 years ago a terror attack took place at that exact spot that murdered two Israeli students. “It was on October 22, 1984, that two Israeli students, Ron Levy and Revital Seri, went down the same path, innocent of nature, were murdered by Issa Abed Rabbo near the monastery, who has since been released from prison…”

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