Arabs Illegally Damage Archaeological Finds at Tomb of Samuel the Prophet

by Leah Rosenberg

Samuel the prophet’s tomb is deemed to be holy by Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. What Arabs of Nabi Samuel are doing is ruining a national park.

The Illegal Parking Lot

Arab residents of Nabi Samuel have begun construction at the Tomb of Samuel the prophet to build a parking lot. They want to charge people to park and see this holy site.

This area is under complete Israeli control, and it is illegal for these Arabs to do what they are doing. Hundreds of thousands of different types of people come to this historical site every single year to pray, learn about it, and see the panoramic view of Jerusalem. Samuel’s tomb is a national heritage site. It is protected by National Park status along with the archaeological remains (which date back to Second Temple times) and the ancient oak trees.

Proof of the Jewish Connection

The archaeological finds at this site offer proof of the Jewish connection to Israel and the fact that Jews have been settling their homeland for thousands of years. Indeed, these Arabs are causing damage to these findings! The government must stop any further damage and protect Samuel the prophet’s tomb. The Arab residents of Nabi Samuel are destroying history and holiness, and they do not even care. That just shows that they have no connection to the land of Israel!

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