Mike Bloomberg Shows How Ridiculous The Concept of “Proportional Response” Is

by Phil Schneider

Whenever Israel is attacked, Israel has to fight back. However, Israel’s enemies in the media – especially CNN – always attack Israel for using excessive force. They ask, why doesn’t Israel use a “proportional response?”
The right answer is exactly as Michael Bloomberg explains – Hamas is responsible for all human shields on the Gaza side that Israel ends up hitting. This video goes back to the George W. Bush administration. CNN had the gall to blame Israel for the timing of their response to the Gaza attacks. That is patently absurd.

In this timeless video, Michael Bloomberg explains the obvious. A government’s most important responsibility is to protect it’s citizens.

What does CNN really want?

“What about the lives of the civilians in Gaza?” It’s funny how the press doesn’t seem to understand the very simple answer because they continue to ask the same question. It’s a bore to watch CNN.  The immediate knee-jerk reaction is to attack Israel and not praise Israel.

Mayor Bloomberg tries one more time to explain to this CNN anchorwoman why Israel is allowed to defend itself even though Hamas is putting it’s own people in the firing line. Everyone gets it, except for her.

Perhaps the press is keeping this topic alive and well because they have an invested interest in scapegoating Israel. Perhaps they’re not as unintelligent as they appear.


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