This Might be Bibi’s Most Perfect Interview

by Phil Schneider

Mark Levin understands the inner workings of the Israeli political system better than nearly any other media personality in America. He labels what has been going on in Israel over the last few months as treason. Bibi thought that that term is too strong. But they did agree that what is going on in Israel is nothing less than an attempt to bring down the government of Israel. This goes far deeper than an attempt to safeguard Israel’s status quo in the court system.

But let it be said loud and clear, the protesters who are screaming “Democracy” day and night are the ones who do NOT accept the election results that brought Netanyahu to power for a record setting sixth time. They do not accept the idea that the country for the umpteenth time has moved to the right, both in a conservative and religious way. The trend has been going on for many decades. Nobody should be surprised by it.

But what has happened recently is that the left-wing in Israel has reached a clear awareness that they are no longer just losing election after election. They have almost no hope of winning any more elections in the future. The only questions that now exist are whether Israel’s government will be a right-wing coalition with the far right or if it will be a right wing coalition with the moderate center. The left wing of Israel has simply become irrelevant at the ballot box. They have become a screaming minority. So, they have taken to the streets to protect the left-wing anti-democratic institutions that are essentially fiefdoms – especially the Supreme Court.

The same left-wing people that are screaming that Israel must NOT follow the Knesset decisions today are the same people who said 18 years ago that Israel’s right-wing must abide by the Knesset decision to destroy all of the Jewish communities in Gush Katif. The same left-wing people blocking roads today were the ones who screamed 18 years ago that right-wing people who block roads should be arrested immediately. The hypocrisy is crystal clear. Netanyahu sees through it too.

But the PR war is also important. Israel’s right-wing must regroup and fight back with a PR offensive that ridicules the hypocrisy of the left. Whenever a radical fringe succeeds in bringing their ideas into the consensus, things become dangerous. Israel’s left has gone off the deep end. Israel right-wing Jewish community actually represents around 65% of the Jewish vote. But the protests have succeeded in weakening the middle-of-the-road support for the right wing. Israel’s right-wing must battle back for the support of the moderates, and then persistently take the steps necessary to eradicate the fiefdoms in the courts, press, and other government institutions that are truly the threat to Israel’s democracy.

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