This man just DESTROYED Al Quds Day supporters!

by Avi Abelow

This man’s message is universal. He is angry at British authorities for allowing terrorists, celebrating Al Quds Day, to wave their Hizbullah terror flag. While forbidding patriotic British from waving the Union Jack and British flag. His message applies to the leftist elite in all of our countries, including Israel as well.

In Israel Too

Just the other day, Tel Aviv University held a graduation ceremony. In order not to “offend” the Arab Muslims they did not sing Israel’s national anthem, but another song.

There are plenty of times that Israeli Universities do not allow the flying of the Israeli flag either. Also, not to “offend” the Arab Muslims.

All Patriots Must Listen to this Guy’s Message

All patriots, in Britain, Israel, the USA etc. MUST listen to what this guy has to say. It is despicable that our elites are more concerned with the feelings of some citizens then a sense of duty and allegience to their country! If someone is offended by what a certain country represents then they should move! They don’t belong in that country!

“Why is it that terrorist supporters can walk through the streets of our capital with their flags, yet patriotic British need to take down their Union Jack flags in our Royal Park? What is racist or offensive about the Union Jack or the England Flag?

No More Appeasement

At the end of the day, this is England, this is Great Britain. If we want to fly our flags, we will fly them. If you don’t like it then leave! Nobody is asking you to stay here. Our culture, our traditions and our history are pivotal in paving the way for the next generation and we need to teach them their history.

Amen. We need to make our voices loud and heard to get this message out to the masses. No more appeasement to people offended by what our countries represent. If Arab Muslims are offended, they should go to one of the 22 Arab Muslim countries in the world, and leave ours!

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