This Is Why The Palestinian Authority Cannot Run Gaza

by David Mark

An overwhelming percentage of Israelis believe that the IDF should in some way be in complete control over the Gaza Strip once the war with Hamas and their fellow Islamist Nazis is finished. This is in stark contrast to the US who is pushing for the PA to take over.

Prime Minister Netanyahu released a video in English tonight going on the offensive in pushing back on the notion that the PA should be in control of Gaza.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said the following: “Today, the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah said something utterly preposterous. It denied that it was Hamas that carried out the horrible massacre at the nature festival near Gaza. It actually accused Israel of carrying out that massacre. This is a complete reversal of truth. Abu Mazen, who in the past has denied the existence of the Holocaust, today is denying the existence of the Hamas massacre and that’s unacceptable.”

“My goal is that the day after we destroy Hamas, any future civil administration in Gaza does not deny the massacre, does not educate its children to become terrorists, does not pay for terrorists and does not tell its children that their ultimate goal in life is to see the destruction and dissolution of the State of Israel. That’s not acceptable and that is not the way to achieve peace.”

The Palestinian Authority has been running cover for Hamas for years. From paying Hamas terrorists to transferring money meant for the PA to Hamas, PA President Mahmoud Abbas is not only a Holocaust denier, but considered one of the masterminds of the 1972 Munich terror attack.

Today the PA has very little power in Judea and Samaria and spends most of its time providing security jobs to terrorists and runs children’s education where it indoctrinates its populace to hate and kill Jews. Despite all of this, the US wants the PA to take over Gaza, undoing the sacrifice the IDF has made to conquer Gaza.

In the past, the Jewish people would have given in. Not this time.

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