Marco Rubio Spills the Terrifying Truth about What’s Happening to America 

by Leah Rosenberg

The raid on Donald Trump’s house was just one major artillery salvo, but it is just the beginning of what is about to come. So says Marco Rubio, one of the last people in the Senate one would expect to defend Donald Trump. After all, Donald Trump treated Marco Rubio like all of his other Presidential opponents – rather poorly. But Rubio is a smart and principled man. He knows that this is serious stuff and this is not just about whether or not Donald Trump took some documents home that belonged in the White House archives. This is all about the radical left trying to consolidate power and destroying their #1 enemy – Donald J. Trump.

The Democrats know that they are in a precarious situation. In a matter of a few months, control of the House is about to evaporate. Then Joe Biden’s cognitive struggles will continue to be in the spotlight as Congress becomes more popular and the Oval Office becomes more out of touch from day to day.

The Democrats have nobody – literally nobody to put up against Donald Trump in 2024. So, the absurd may very well occur. The Presidential contender with the highest negative popularity ever, Donald Trump, may actually win. This keeps the Democrat power brokers up at night.

So, the only solution is to discredit Donald Trump and all of his supporters. It may work. It is very dirty. But Donald Trump knows how to play dirty too. He’s been doing it for decades before entering politics. It will certainly be interesting.

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