This is what mainstream media should sound like

by Avi Abelow

The mainstream media should report the truth. This is what we call journalism.  Journalism is NOT about editorializing news content according to an ideological agenda.

Sad Reality

It is a sad reality that one knows the angle of the news according to the news outlet. This is not the way it ought to be. Journalists should report the news.  They should investigate what is going on and report about it. However, ideology, click-bait and a laziness to actually do journalistic work leaves us with news reports that don’t properly educate us as to what is truly going on.

Reporting Rocket Attacks on Israel

Yes, Israel responds to rocket attacks on our country. Every country would and should respond to acts of war like Israel does. If France shot rockets at England, then England would respond in kind. That is the most basic responsibility of a country, namely, to protect its citizens. The reporting of such an incident would be “France Attacks England. England Retaliates.”  Such a headline, with a news report that follows that story-line would be a truthful report about the incident.

However, when it comes to Israel retaliating to rocket attacks from Hamas, everything is different.  News organizations around the world first point out that Israel is the attacker, and only afterwards add in that it was in retaliation for a Hamas rocket attack against us. The articles then spend more time blaming Israel for retaliating than blaming Hamas for initiating a rocket attack against Israel. This is not journalism.  This is a clear anti-Israel bent when it comes to Israel.

Distrust of the Media is Rampant

Calling All These Protesters Nazis?

And of Course the Reporting on Israel

Arab Incitement
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