This Is How The World Sees President Biden

by Phil Schneider

There is no need for a Saudi comedy series to be shown to prove to the American people how Joe Biden is viewed abroad. It is plain to see in broad daylight that America’s President is struggling to get through every press conference and public situation. What goes on at night, after sun downing takes it’s impact, is probably even more troubling. Actually, Biden looks pretty good for a 79 year old man struggling cognitively. But he doesn’t belong in the Oval Office.

The Vladimir Putins of the world, and there are others like him who have less nuclear weapons, are all taking note that America’s Executive Branch is in an unprecedented weak state. Kamala Harris, the current replacement for Joe Biden, may be cognitively fine, but will not wield any significant respect on the world stage. That is why this specific time in history is a unique juncture for tyrants to take advantage of the most powerful country in the world deciding to be asleep at the wheel.

Critics will argue that this is not unprecedented. In Ronald Reagan’s 2nd term, he was almost definitely beginning to fade, and FDR was certainly a sick and dying young President throughout the 2nd part of World War II. But there is a major difference between those two situations and today’s situation. First of all, FDR may not have been able to walk or even easily hold a glass of water. But his faculties were in tact till the end and he ably made far-reaching decisions along with Winston Churchill and Stalin. And for whatever FDR was unable to decide on, there was General Marshall who was probably the most able and experienced person to monitor and decide on foreign policy issues that America ever had. Stalin knew this. Churchill knew this. Hitler knew this. And Ronald Reagan had George Shultz and George Bush, able advisors who were not scared to confront aggression on the world stage.

Today, Vladimir Putin looks at the cast of characters making decisions in the White House. He sees Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Jake Sullivan, and Antony Blinken, and sees a mixture of people who are either scared of him, believe in appeasement, or are struggling cognitively. Putin and other aggressors know that Susan Rice and Barack Obama have Biden’s ear, and Obama and Rice were never believers in confronting aggression from tyrants.

So that is why the world is now filled with turmoil and skyrocketing gas prices. The only real solution is a return to a Republican led Executive Branch by any of the potential contenders in 2024.

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