This Great Rabbi’s Promise and How Israel Won the Six Day War

by Leah Rosenberg

You will be blown away by the series of events here. What the Lubavitcher Rebbe said regarding the Six Day War should be talked about more!

The Miraculous Victory of the Six Day War

You cannot explain how Israel won the Six Day War unless you have G-d in the picture. What occurred in that war was not natural. G-d performed unbelievable miracles for the Jewish people. And we must always recognize those miracles and thank Him.

What is fascinating, and maybe what some people don’t know, is that the Lubavitcher Rebbe promised the Jewish people would be safe. He told Jewish people to do extra Mitzvot and to continue Torah study. He asked Jewish men in the army and throughout the world to put on Tefillin. He asked them to turn to G-d. And the result was an astonishing victory. Of course, the Rebbe acknowledged that the Jewish soldiers fought on behalf of the people of Israel, and we must be forever grateful to the brave soldiers who defend the holy people of Israel and the holy land of Israel. Since the beginning of Jewish history, it has been necessary to have Jewish soldiers defending themselves and their land. But they cannot be successful without turning to G-d.

The Jewish people should continue to grow in their connection to each other and to the One Above. When the Jewish people are united in their pursuit of G-d, they are unbeatable.

May the Jewish nation continue to turn to G-d and be successful against its enemy.

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