Ronald Reagan Predicted This Would Happen in America – And He Was Right

by Phil Schneider

Isn’t the threat of fascism stem from far- right wing extremists? Well, yes, there are some right wing extremists who have fascist tendencies. But, the main threat indeed comes from the radical left in America. Today, we are seeing the impressive predictions of a young Ronald Reagan come true in front of our eyes.

Ronald Reagan was not known for being a great intellect. But he actually was a very intelligent person who used good humor and good nature to hide his wisdom. More importantly, he knew how to focus on a goal and drive towards it was accomplished.

Between the middle of the 1940’s, at the advent of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, and the late 70’s, almost nobody thought that America could actually decisively win the Cold War. It seemed like a stalemate that would go on for another century. Ronald Reagan organized a team in the White House that was on board with his plan of defeating the Soviet Union in order to usher in a time of peace and freedom for Eastern Europe and the residents of the Soviet Union.

He labelled the Soviet Union an evil empire and drove towards his goal of bringing the Soviet Union to it’s knees in a bloodless economic battle. The United States won, and it was Reagan who led the way and saw the future that could be if the USA persisted in the battle.

Today, the battle is from within. Reagan’s words ring true today, more than in any other time. Let us beware the threats from within and strive to retain our freedom from those working to take it away.

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